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Calling All Adult Skaters!

Our upcoming Adult Skating Camp is a fantastic chance for Ice Dance and Singles Skaters to hone their skills and work with top coaches.

Tuesday 13th - Wednesday 14th* September 2023


Over 18 years old?

Skills Gold Star level or above?

This camp's for you!

Whether you're a seasoned pro at competitions, curious about competing at some point in the future, or just looking to take your skating to the next level, you'll gain important insight into your current strengths, areas for improvement, and building confidence in your abilities.

Participants will be divided into groups appropriate for their discipline focus and skill level, to ensure you can get the most out of the experience as possible. The BIS Development Team will work closely with you on and off the ice to help you take your skating to new heights!

For those looking to compete now or in the future, there'll also be the chance to discuss competition programmes and plans and have elements checked by Technical Specialists.

What we'll be focusing on:

Figure Skaters:

  • basic skills

  • jumps

  • spins

  • programme elements

Ice Dance:

  • basic skills

  • pattern dances

  • free dance elements

Bookings are currently open to those wanting to attend both days of the camp. If spaces remain nearer to September, these will be opened up to skaters wanting to attend on a single day instead; however these spaces cannot be guaranteed and will be available on a first come, first served basis.

*We've had useful feedback on the difficulties Adult Skaters face attending mid-week events. We are always looking for the best balance between price and accessibility with our events, and we'll continue trying to get this balance right going forward!*


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