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BIS Update on the Coronavirus Situation 20/03/2020

The impact of the Covid-19 virus is being felt across all communities in the UK. Our Skating family is no different and in these changing times we must all look for ways to support each other.

We will continue to review the daily government statements as and when they come out. We will reflect the changing status and advice on our website as soon as we can.

We are looking at ways that we can support those members of our community who wish to keep active during periods. We will be looking to use our social media channels to share suggestions about keeping fit in preparation for a return to Skating and possible webinars and discussions with some of our Judges and officials. We will also want to hear from you; how you are keeping active under these difficult circumstances.

We will continue to provide as many of our services as we can. As our team are now home working this might result in some delays. Please do check on our ‘Contact Us’ page on the website for the latest information around availability and how best to get in contact. We really do appreciate your support and patience at this time.

In addition to the other recent announcements we recognise that coaches and clubs face a period of financial uncertainty. Yet we also know that you all will play a vital role in sustaining our sport and re-starting our activities once this period is over.

Over the coming days and weeks British Ice Skating will be looking at how we can support you to do this. We will be reviewing the government announcements, identifying options and signposting you to the information available. We will be active in discussions with our stakeholders and partners to identify ways that we can better support you.

Many of our affiliated clubs deliver activities that could be considered as non-essential. We recommend that those clubs follow the current guidance summarised by the PM’s statement: “now is the time to stop all non-essential contact with others”. Do remember that you can still keep in contact with all your club members through your existing online channels and can play a vital role in supporting our community throughout this period of social distancing.

During this time the health and wellbeing of our community is of the utmost importance – please continue to follow the official guidance and look after yourself and each other.

Michelle Draper - CEO

David Hartley - President and Acting Chair

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