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Applications for Elite Training Pathway Hubs

Dear Skaters and Coaches,

Important update regarding National Lockdown and what this means for you.

British Ice Skating will continue to run Elite Development Pathway Hubs for skaters who meet the criteria below.

We have now added Sheffield as a hub and skaters who wish to apply/re-apply for Sheffield must do so through the below link. Nottingham and Romford will continue as Elite Development Pathway Hubs.

All applicants must hold a valid British Ice Skating membership and must have competed in one of the events listed below;

Qualifier March 2019

Qualifier July 2019

Qualifier October 2019

Qualifier March 2020

Solo Dance Championships 2019

Short Track Championships 2020

British Figure Skating Championships 2019

Access to Elite Training Hubs will be confirmed as soon as possible and will be limited due to Government requirements.

Successful applicants will be required to attend a Zoom meeting prior to gaining access to the ice.

Application to the Elite Training Hub can be completed through the following link;

Welsh and Scottish skaters fall under the jurisdiction and rules of their Home Nations and we will continue to work with Sport Wales and Sport Scotland for our members.


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