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About Skate UK Star

'Skate UK Star - Passport to Competitive Skating', is the next stage of a skaterís development, upon completion of all ten levels in Skate UK.

It is segregated into four skating disciplines: Singles, Ice Dance, Synchronized and Short Track Speed, with each compromising three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Your NISA Licensed Coach will be able to help decide which discipline is best for you.

The programme comes with an accompanying booklet (known as the Skate UK Star Passport to Competitive Skating) that can be purchased from the Skate UK shop.

Single Skating Progression Chart

  1. Forward Spiral on either foot with flow.
  2. Bunny-Hop into a Forward Drag.
  3. Two-Foot Spin (min 3 revolutions)
  4. Three Jump (Waltz Jump)
  1. Backward Spiral on either foot.
  2. One-Foot Spin (min 2 revolutions)
  3. Teapot on either foot, (forwards or backwards)
  4. Single Salchow Jump
  1. Backward outside One-Foot Spin (min. one revolution)
  2. One-Foot spin with correct entry and one-foot exit, (min 4 revolutions)
  3. Single Toe-Loop Jump
  4. Combination of skating movements, turns, spins and jumps in a short routine with or without music, max I min 30

Ice Dancing Progression Chart

1. Forward open chasses and crossed, (closed) chasses continuously on a circle (min 3) (Left & Right)
2. Forward left outside closed mohawk, cross in front onto a LBI. Step forward to forwards RFI (x3) (Left & Right)
3. Forward progressive runs (clockwise & anti-clockwise)
4. Two consecutive LFO 3-turns followed by LFO sustained
outside edge with free leg extended for a count of 1,2,3. (Left & Right)

1. Forward progressive runs in a figure of eight. (In kilian hold with a partner / coach, optional ).
2. Backward open chasses (x3 on each foot) in a serpentine sequence
3. Backwards progressive runs in a figure of eight .
4. A 7 step dance sequence. Right forward inside open mohawk. RBO run. RBO cross in-front LBI. Step forwards RFI. Repeated twice
1. Forward run, forwards slip chasse (x3) ( in a figure of eight)
2. Backward open chasses in a serpentine sequence (x3 on each foot) waltz hold with a partner/coach optional.
3. Solo Novice Foxtrot with music. Correct pattern and 60% in time.
4. A 9 step dance sequence. LFO progressive run. LFO closed chasse. LFO progressive run. LFO open mohawk. LBI.

Skate UK Passport to Competitive Skating

The Skate UK Star Registration Document is a booklet that guides you through the Bronze, silver and Gold stages of the Skate UK Star program. Comes complete with a bag to carry your skates.

Whatís next?

Upon completion of the Gold Level in Skate UK Star skaters may wish to continue their skating development by entering the NISA National Tests. Your NISA Licensed Coach will be able to talk to you more about what this entails.

When you are ready to take the National Tests you will need to become a NISA member (you will also need to become a NISA member if you want to enter any UK competitions) which you can do by downloading the application form from the NISA members section. Here you will also find the application form for applying for tests, which can be sent in at the same time as you apply for membership.

Remember when you apply for your first level of National Tests to include your Registration Document, signed by your NISA Licensed Coach, to show you have passed the Gold level of Skate UK Star. This will be returned to you as soon as it has been checked by the NISA office.

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