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Return of National Test Sessions

British Ice Skating have taken advice from our BIS Doctor to not run test sessions for a period of 5 weeks, allowing skaters to build up their fitness and comprehension to a previous level in a safe period of time. Once test sessions resume, these will run with COVID guidance in place to keep everyone safe. Details of this can be found at

Skaters should take this opportunity to check that their test applications are up-to-date and correct. They can do this by logging in to the online membership platform at and going to ‘National Test Applications’ within the skater’s profile. If the status of a test application is ‘Current’, this confirms that the test is paid for and approved, and the details are available to the local test organiser. If you notice any issues or expected an application to be Current and it instead has a different status, please contact the office at

Interim Tests

Currently, a test session may include tests from the ‘old’ structure, as well as the Interim structure which was introduced in July 2020. Skaters should ensure that their application is for the correct test version by logging into the online membership platform.

If a skater has a current application for an old style test and they wish to change it to the equivalent interim test, they should email this request to There may be a fee difference to pay, and we will also require confirmation from the coach that the change is to occur. An email from an address we recognise as the coach’s will be sufficient.

Any new test applications should be for the interim test structure, and the old style tests are no longer available for applications.

Under normal circumstances, test applications have 1 year validity. However, all applications, whether old or interim, will be given extended validity to ensure that skaters are given the appropriate opportunity to take their test(s) due to rink closures. Please remember that skaters will need a valid BIS membership on the test date to be able to take their test.

Please remember that our test organisers are volunteers and work hard to ensure test sessions can go ahead even in difficult times such as these. Please treat them with respect and courtesy.

For any issues or queries regarding tests, please use the Contact Us form on our website or email


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