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Obituary for Joy Shellard

Joy Shellard was born Joy Silvester, in 1928. Living very close to The Westover Ice Rink, in Bournemouth, she and her sister, Paddy, were introduced to skating at an early age. The girls were able to skate nearer to home when, in freezing conditions, their father, curator of The Russell Coates Museum, sprayed the terrace with water.

The war put an end to Joy’s serious skating for decades but when she encouraged her daughter, Pamela, to skate she spent many years in rinks again but this time guiding Pam in her skating career.

In later life joy finally returned to serious skating, first at Poole, then Gosport, where myself and others would stand at the barrier mesmerised by her spins. Joy also travelled to Bristol where Pam was then coaching.

It was not long before she began competing in adult competitions and soon reached a pinnacle when, at the age of 75 Joy won the over 55 category at The British Adult Championships.

Joy was also a wonderful artistic skater, enthralling us with her entertaining programmes.

Skating was not her only interest, she played tennis, bridge and learned to paint but most especially she was an accomplished author, writing about her beloved Jurassic Coast and local plant life among other subjects. She also kept fit by walking her dog.

Joy was a truly talented, amazing lady who excelled at everything she did.

Joy died on 29th October aged 91. Her funeral took place at St. Mark’s Church Highcliffe, on the 15th November. You can leave a tribute, if desired, at or as suggested by Pam, Simon and Kieran – you could buy a plant for your garden in remembrance of Joy.

Elaine Hooper

British Ice Skating Historian

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