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New online session and our first Brit Ice Skate Challenge

Training with John Hamer - Saturday 23rd 10am

This week's online session is brought to you by John Hamer. His training session will start at 10am on Saturday 23rd January and is open to all BIS members.

To sign up all you have to do is head to the online session page here.

Only valid members will be able to access the session, with access closed two hours before the session starts or when the 100 viewer capacity has been met.

The first #briticeskatechallenge has been set by Olympic Gold medallist Robin Cousins. His Axel jump of 5.81m, set in 1983, still stands as a Guinness World Record. We want to see your best efforts off the ice, so find a big, open space, take care and give it your best shot.

Share your best efforts on social media and make sure you tag British Ice Skating and include #briticeskatechallenge.

Make sure you have a suitable space large enough for exercise, an even non-slip surface and remove any trip hazards or obstacles in the way. Wear trainers suitable for aerobic activities and appropriate clothing for exercise, no loose scarves/jewellery etc.

Throwback Sessions

British Ice Skating has hosted over 190 online sessions for members since March 2020. These have varied from Q&As with elite athletes to coach led off-ice training. In order to help members through this difficult period we are now making a selection of some past sessions available online.

We start off with Dr Linda Craig's talk on Supporting Skaters' Mental Wellbeing that was hosted last year.

Each member will receive an email including a link to be able to watch the session. These are for members only, please do not share the link.


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