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Ground-breaking Decisions Made at 59th ISU Congress

Representatives from British Ice Skating were present in Las Vegas last week for the 59th International Skating Union Congress. A summary from the ISU of the issues under discussion and the key decisions made can be found below.

The 59th ISU Congress concluded in Las Vegas (USA) after five inspiring and productive days of meetings and presentations. Over 250 delegates from 65 countries participated in this landmark event to shape the future of ice skating. Numerous ground-breaking decisions were made to enhance the sports and modernize the organization, marking the ISU’s entry into a transformative new era.

During an online press conference with media representatives from around the world, the ISU President Jae Youl Kim said:

“We are building upon the proud traditions of ice skating to grow our sport. Our Vision 2030 is athlete-first, member-focused and fan-centric. We are taking the necessary measures to make our sport even more exciting and to bring more fans moving forward.”

On the final day of the Congress the delegates ratified the diligent work of the ISU Council over the past two years in developing the ISU Vision 2030, a high-level strategic roadmap designed to steer the federation towards enhanced growth, opportunity, innovation, sustainability and unity. The ISU Congress overwhelmingly supported this vital move by approving the financial budget for 2024-2026 and the Constitution reform – two crucial tools necessary to provide investment and agility in the implementation of these initiatives. 

Congress discussions underway.

Modernization of ISU Constitution

A historic milestone was reached with the passing of the resolution to reform the ISU Constitution and General Regulations to ensure greater clarity, consistency and flexibility. A drafting committee and Member consultation group will be appointed to run and oversee the collaborative revision process, ensuring that the Members’ perspectives are reflected. The results will be presented at an Extraordinary Congress in 2025.

New branding and commercial opportunities 

The ISU Congress also agreed to take significant steps to innovate the organization to meet the new realities and expectations of the rapidly evolving sports landscape. “We are opening the doors to more commercial opportunities to bring new revenue into the sport for ISU, its Members and the Skaters,” said Director General Colin Smith.

Notably, the ISU Congress made a striking decision to allow the presence of clothing manufacturing marks on Figure Skating costumes.

“There has long been a strong link between the fashion industry and Figure Skaters. With this game-changing move, ISU further embraces the opportunities provided by the fashion industry and allows Skaters and fashion designers to now directly engage and mutually benefit. This is a very positive step forward,” Smith explained.


Next season, the new Short Track World Tour will launch with new modern helmet designs and racing suits for each Short Track team to differentiate the Short Track World Tour season from the Championships. “We all know the fast, dynamic, exciting nature of Short Track racing,” said Smith. “We will capture this in a new sports property which encapsulates the World Cup Short Track Series that we have in Europe, North America and Asia, and packages them in a new, dynamic, bold way.”

Other measures to enrich the fan experience include upgrading the events’ concepts, TV broadcasting presentations and digital engagement channels. As part of the federation’s rebranding, a new suite of modernized TV graphics across all its sports will be launched in phases as from season 2024/25 to complement the in-venue and TV viewing experience to create more appealing fan and sponsorship packages. 

Voting takes place at the 59th ISU Congress.

Digital transformation

With the goal to revamp its digital identity, a new unified and holistic digital ecosystem is under development, to offer a tailored user experience for both fan and corporate purposes. The new website, mobile application and asset management platform will generate more collaborative and interactive opportunities, while allowing to expand the fan base worldwide.

The exploration of other cutting-edge technological advancements, including AI, are also considered to improve the judging system in Figure Skating. Computer-assistance is expected to make a significant difference for Officials and Judges in evaluating performance in a quicker, fairer and more transparent way. 


Safeguarding and athlete well-being 

With the skaters being the greatest assets driving ice-skating sports, the ISU reaffirmed its strong commitment to safe and clean sport, shining a light on the importance of athletes’ mental and physical well-being. Invited as a guest-speaker, Kirsty Burrows, Head of the IOC Safe Sport Unit, delivered a compelling speech about safeguarding, including the prevention of abuse and harassment in sport. In a special fireside chat, American Olympian Gracie Gold shared with the Congress her very personal story of overcoming mental health challenges as an elite Figure Skater.


The ISU continues to undertake concrete actions to thoroughly implement its ISU Safeguarding policy, by having among others appointed a full-time Safeguarding Officer,  multiplied collaborations with related organizations as well as developed educational and promotional campaigns on the topic. In addition, the ISU Congress voted on a 20% increase in annual Member contribution to assist Members Federations in developing and implementing athlete safeguarding initiatives in their own countries.


Concluding Outlook

Closing the ISU Congress, ISU President Jae-Youl Kim addressed Delegates:

“Thank you very much for your great energy and constructive engagement over the last five days. What a great success. Your enthusiasm for our Vision 2030 and the related priorities are greatly appreciated and will enable us to reach our goals, including attracting more fans worldwide, making our sport more relevant to the new generations, and bringing in new expertise and innovative approaches to commercial growth and event delivery. Together we can go further.”


The full Congress agenda and detailed proposals are available in the ISU Communication 2629 and ISU Communication 2637


All the sessions of the 59th Ordinary ISU Congress can be watched on the Skating ISU YouTube Channel

The ISU Congress press conference is available to watch here.

To know more about the ISU Congresses, visit the dedicated webpage here.

About the International Skating Union (ISU)

The International Skating Union (ISU), founded in 1892, is the oldest governing international winter sport federation and the exclusive international sport federation recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) administering the sports of Figure Skating (Single & Pair Skating and Ice Dance), Synchronized Skating, Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating worldwide. The objectives of the ISU are to regulate, govern, promote and develop its sports on the basis of friendship and mutual understanding between athletes. Currently three ISU disciplines are included in the Olympic Winter Games program (Figure Skating, Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating). For further information please visit

Finalised British Ice Skating rules will be released shortly; please keep an eye out for the announcement. Rules will be available from our Technical Guidance page when ready.


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