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Celebrating Black Inclusion Week 2024

Join us as we honour the achievements and contributions of black ice skaters in the UK.

At British Ice Skating we are dedicated to promoting inclusivity and inspiring all to embrace the beauty and skill of ice skating. 

Meet one for our coaches, Zoia Birmingham, the UK Ambassador for Diversify Ice.  Zoia was also the first Black figure skater to represent GB internationally and has a passion to promote ice skating to everyone by tackling inequalities.


Zoia's remarkable journey highlights the importance of creating systems that give funding and support for minority ice skaters to help them thrive in the sport. British Ice Skating, with the collaborative efforts of organisations like Diversify Ice, are fostering a more diverse and inclusive ice skating community, both in the UK and worldwide. 

Together, we're breaking down barriers and ensuring that ice skating truly is a sport for everyone.

While progress has been made, Zoia reminds us that there's still work to be done to combat racism and exclusion in ice skating.  BIS, The Ice Capture and Diversify Ice have been working closely and have some exciting projects in the pipeline.

Zoia believes that the doors should be open to all and through our work hopes we can start to make a change:

"Its not just about colour, its about giving a voice to all. Let's continue striving for a future where everyone feels welcome and empowered to pursue their passion on the ice!”

Find out more about Diversify Ice:

Find out more about our EDI commitments:


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