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British Ice Skating Announcement on Coronavirus Impact

Dear Members,

British Ice Skating hereby shares the regrettable announcement that all BIS-permitted events, competitions and test sessions are cancelled for a period of 6 weeks, applicable from Wednesday 18th March 2020.

The duration of this cancellation and whether it needs to be extended will be reviewed on an on-going basis, with further communication to follow as soon as decisions are made.

This decision has not been taken lightly, and we can of course understand the disappointment and frustration this may cause some members, however the Board and Senior Management have reviewed all available information and guidance, and are taking this course of action in the best interests of all BIS Members. Health and well-being is of paramount importance, and it is also only fair to give certainty and clarity at a time when the global situation is ever-changing, and the dynamic nature of the Coronavirus pandemic means that even government guidelines are under constant review.

This decision will impact on the following events:

Speed Skating

Scottish Open

Aldwych Open

Nottingham Open


Staffordshire Winter Sports Club

Chelmsford Riverside Ice Skating Club

Club Competitions

Skate London

Blackpool Festival

British Ice Skating Competitions

Qualifier March

Novice Championships and Young Stars Finale

Adult Nationals

In light of the impact that this decision will have on entry to, and qualification from, future competitions, the British Ice Skating Board, Staff and Technical Advisory Committees will review the criteria for any Championship event affected by this hiatus in competitive skating, and will provide an update within the next few days. We want to reassure all members that we will continue to act in the most considered and appropriate manner given the position we find ourselves in.

We will be sharing further information as and when it is received or published by us and we truly wish all our members, the wider skating community and indeed everyone, to stay healthy and that they may continue to look out for and support each other at this unprecedented time.

Michelle Draper - CEO

David Hartley - President and Acting Chair


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