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British Ice Skating welcomes new INEDs

British Ice Skating is pleased to confirm the appointment of two Independent Non-Executive Directors to the Board.

Following the application and interview process, for which British Ice Skating was delighted to attract top-calibre applicants, those joining the BIS Board are:

  • Asheefa Sarangi - INED (Commercial)

  • Lois Jarvis - INED (Legal)

Both Asheefa and Lois officially took up their posts on Wednesday 12th June 2019, when their appointments were ratified at the BIS Board meeting.

Asheefa is an award-winning and well-respected financial services professional, with global experience of advising, influencing and interacting with key leaders and stakeholders across public and private entities of all sizes. She actively supports strong corporate governance and high ethical standards, as well as being passionate about sport and a former national team synchronized skater with Canada.

Lois combines professional expertise with sporting experience, having headed up the legal and football administrative functions of a large UK club, and has worked internationally as a sports consultant. She has a keen eye-for-detail in all matters compliance, and places great emphasis on the integrity of the sport being flawless to both earn the trust of its members and stand up to external scrutiny.

British Ice Skating is delighted to welcome both Asheefa and Lois to the Board, and we look forward to working together over the coming months and years!

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