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Steven Cousins 8 Times British Champion Joins ISS and Ice Act

Steven Cousins, 8 time British Champion and now innovative show skater, has recently joined the International Skating School, run by Yuri Bureiko. Steven will be working with the ISS schools based in Planet Ice, Coventry and Silver Blades, Altringham. He will be working alongside Yuri, his coaching staff and his management team, including Vicky Ogden, Susanna Bureiko and David McGrouther. As well as this, he will be contributing to the shows organised by ICE ACT run by Yuri and Vicky.

Embarking on this new path, Steven said, "I feel GREAT about this, I think it suits me perfectly, working with everyone involved in ISS, a team who are delivering British, European, World and Olympic competitors. I love the idea of being able to work in unison with a lot of coaches and skaters and hope that I can bring something new to the table."

Hailing from the northern town of Chester, England, Steven Cousins first took his first steps onto the ice at the age of six and a half. It may be encouraging to know that this well loved British Champion struggled at first to find his feet, but it was this very challenge that inspired him to keep trying. Steven says, "I had never experienced the technical difficulty involved with skating, that is what inspired me to keep going all the time!"

After lots of dedicated practise and with the support from his parents and coach, Steven won his first open event just three and a half years later when he was 10 years old. A thrilling experience for a young lad who was so keen to learn and to keep pushing himself hard to improve his skills. Continued hard work paid off, taking part in his first British Championship at the age of 14, Steven had the ambition and drive to take him all the way through to the senior mens championships three years later. Here he became the men's British Champion for the first time, never believing that this accolade would be his for a total of 8 times. At 17, Steven was the youngest ever British Champion, he followed this achievement by taking part in 9 World and European Championships and 3 Olympic Games. Quite an outstanding record, I wonder if the young six year old Steven ever imagined he could do so well.

One special moment, he recalls, was when he was the first British man to land a triple Axel in competition. "It was absolutely amazing, but then competing in 3 Olympics was also huge. After all that excitement though, I now feel my greatest achievement has been the longevity of my career, which still continues to evolve, and I love every moment of it. Every element of skating, the creative, artistic and the technical continue to thrill me, to this day I enjoy every aspect of it."

During the peak of his competitive career, Steven trained in Barrie, Ontario in Canada.
Steven envisages that his latest venture, working with ISS, is the closest thing to how he used to work when he was training in Canada and says, "I hope I can bring the same enthusiasm and work ethic that my coaches had there. If my pupils work hard, listen and learn and most of all enjoy it...then it should be fun!"

After turning professional, Steven toured with Stars on Ice for 10 years and appeared in numerous TV shows, his name was never far from the public eye. His interest in skating and, in particular, in choreography continued to develop. When asked who is greatest influence was, Steven replied, "I would say my biggest influence was Brian Orser, while I was skating, but now it would be any choreographer that I work with." Always willing to learn and develop ideas, Steven is keen to impart his knowledge, but at the same time willing to learn from others, the process is never ending. "My goals and ambitions are to try and help, as best I can, to develop British talent and help my students realise their goals, whatever they maybe." In the near future, Steven's wife, Elena Bereznaja 2002 Olympic pair skating champion, will also be joining the ISS team, bringing with her a wealth of experience.

Steven is looking forward to performing this June in Ice Act's show, CHILLER, a tribute to Michael Jackson. The show will take place in Planet Ice, Cardiff and Silver Blades, Altringham on the 12th and 13th June, respectively . He said recently, "I am really looking forward to the Chiller shows in June, I always love to perform and to be in Britain. To me, performing is very special, always."

Created: 28th May 2010 9:14am
Last Updated: 28th May 2010 9:14am
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