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Schedule 1

Olympic Qualification Requirements

Figure Skating

  1. Quota places won for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games (the “Games”) are available to the NOC and not to the individual athletes.


  1. The total number of quota places available for Single Skating is 30 for Men and 30 for Women.  The total number of quota places available for Pair Skating is 20 (40 athletes) and for Ice Dance is 24 (48 athletes).  The total quota for the Team event is 10 teams. 


  1. The maximum number of athletes per NOC is 18 and is limited to a maximum of 3 athletes in each of the individual events (Men’s Skating and Ladies Skating) and 3 teams (consisting of 2 athletes per team) in each of the pair events (Pair Skating and Ice Dance).  The NOC is permitted a maximum of 1 team entry for the Team event. 


  1. In the event that the NOC qualifies quota places pursuant to the qualification pathways set out in section D of the IOC/ FIS qualification document dated March 2016 (as may be amended from time to time) (“IOC/FIS Standards”), and subject to paragraph 8 below, the BOA will only accept as nominations for those quota places any individual(s) who:


  1. comply with any eligibility criteria as set out in the IOC/FIS Standards, including but not limited to Section C; and


  1. meet the BOA’s eligibility criteria set out in paragraphs 5 to 7 below.


  1. The BOA will consider athletes as eligible for selection for individual events if they have achieved a placing at the 2017 World Championships which secures an ISU quota spot with the following result:


Singles                  Top 20

Pairs                      Top 14

Ice Dance                         Top 16


(the “Minimum Standard”).


  1. If any additional skater(s) in any discipline fails to achieve the Minimum Standard at the 2017 World Championships, the BOA will only accept as eligible for selection any such additional skater(s) who – at the Olympic Qualifying Competition (usually Nebelhorn Trophy - Oberstdorf, Germany in September 2017, but TBC by ISU) - score equal to or more than the skater(s) who placed 20th in the Singles, 14th in the Pairs or 16th in Ice Dance at the 2017 World Championships.


  1. With respect to the Olympic Team Event, if NISA does not have a full quota of skaters (6 skaters) qualified for all 4 disciplines in PyeongChang 2018, there will be no application from the BOA for participation in the Olympic Team Event


  1. The BOA will not accept as qualification for the Games places offered as Tripartite Commission Invitation places or reallocated unused quota places (i.e. handback places, wildcard places or any other quota places which have not been generated by virtue of a direct qualification) unless agreed by the BOA to be in exceptional circumstances pursuant to the BOA PyeongChang 2018 OQS Policy.


  1. The BOA will consider eligible for selection individual athletes who have been nominated under the National Ice Skating Association Selection Policy for the Games by 21 December 2017.