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Young skaters take on London's West End

A special pair of skaters have recently taken some time off the ice to feature in the hit musical Broadway show Carousel at London Coliseum.


The performance ran from the 7th of April, having recently come to a close on the 13th of May.


Amongst the star-studded cast, which was lead by Alfie Boe and Katherine Jenkins, were Curtis Elton Bushell and Sophia Elton Bushell, two special skating siblings from London.


Curtis, 13, and Sophia, 12, have given up ice time over the past six weeks to star in Carousel in London’s West End through April and May.




Curtis played the part of Young Billy, coming out on stage alone in a wig as a young Alfie Boe. Sophia danced and acted in a role with a Balloon Man, as well as fulfilling 2 other roles in the performance.


Curtis poses with Lead, Alfie Boe, and the brother and sister enjoy a well-earned doughnut backstage. 


The pair formed part of a full cast which dazzled London audiences with a 40-strong orchestra and chorus.


Among one audience was Royal attendee Princess Anne, and Curtis and Sophia were even able to meet Sir Paul McCartney, who also watched the show.


Both Curtis and Sophia have skated since they were aged four, and normally train 3-4 times a week at Lee Valley.


But during Carousel the pair had to put their skates aside to attend rehearsals and performances, which often finished at 10:30 pm.


Now the brother and sister are looking forward to some well-earned respite before stepping back onto the ice.


Curtis said: “I loved being the young Alfie Boe on stage. Alfie Boe himself was very friendly and I got to play other parts on stage as well. It was an incredible experience."


Sophia said: “It was an amazing experience, I loved acting in all of my different parts.”



Well done to Curtis and Sophia, what a wonderful opportunity and who knows where their skills and talent will take them, on and off the ice!