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Tish and Elliot prepare for debut skate on World Stage

GB Junior Ice Dance pair Leticia Marsh (known to all as 'Tish') and Elliot Verburg are preparing for their first competition as a newly formed team at their first international competition this month.

Tish and Elliot formed officially just last month – now they’re gearing up to face some fierce competition at the Lake Placid Ice Dance International.



A great partnership on and off ice: Tish was recently one of the youngest graduates from her High School. 

Elliot, who is current Junior British Ice Dance Champion, is hoping to make a splash with his new partner, Tish Marsh, at the competition which runs from the 26th – 29th of July.

Both skaters took to the sport aged seven, when Tish decided she wanted to wow her friends with a routine at her birthday party, and Elliot became inspired to give the ice a try when he accompanied his sister to a local rink.   

The talented skaters are well-used to appearing in front of big crowds, with Tish performing in the 2009 Cirque Du Soleil on Ice in Singapore and Elliot giving one of his best skates at the Junior Worlds last year.

And despite being in contact for many years, it was only when Tish’s former partnership ended recently after relocating to Canton, USA, that the pair could seize the chance to skate together. 

Aged 16 and 17, they now train full time, five days a week at the Arctic Edge of Canton ice rink through the competition season.

The team train alongside Olympic and World Champions as part of an elite squad under the watchful eye of international and Olympic Coach Marina Zoueva.  

Tish and Elliot have high hopes to better their individual scores when they represent GBR in the upcoming Junior Grand Prix season, and even have the 2022 Olympics in sight.

But for now, they’re training hard for success at their debut performance on the World Stage as a skating team competing for GBR at Lake Placid.  

Tish and Elliot said “We’re both feeling confident ahead of our first event together – we’re just very excited to represent GB at Lake Placid.

“We get on so well both on and off the ice. We work extremely hard but it’s also a lot of fun training and skating together a team.

“We’re determined to do our best at Lake Placid, in our first international as a pair.”

Here at NISA we’d like to wish Tish and Elliot the best of luck ahead of their debut performance together on the world stage this month. We’re sure they’ll be amazing!