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Outcome of the Resolutions at the 2017 NISA AGM

On Saturday the 12th of August NISA held its 2017 AGM in Nottingham.  All the routine business of the Ordinary Resolutions on the agenda was passed as below:


  • Ordinary Resolution: to approve the Minutes of the NISA AGM held on 7 May 2016
  • Ordinary Resolution: to receive the NISA Annual Accounts to 30 September 2016
  • Ordinary Resolution: to appoint Botham Accounting Limited as the NISA Auditors for the financial year ending 30 September 2018
  • Ordinary Resolution: to appoint Hewitson Moorhead as the NISA Legal Advisors for the financial year ending 30 September 2018


It was encouraging that the Special Resolution to update NISA's constitution, the Articles of Association, achieved over a two-thirds majority of votes in favour, at 67.9%.


Unfortunately, the vote did not reach the 75% majority required to pass such an important Special Resolution. It is therefore evident that the NISA Board needs to better communicate the benefits of the proposed changes and to proactively address the concerns of those who voted against them on this occasion.  


Chair of the NISA Board, Maggie Worsfold said: “It is very important that members are assured that these changes to the Articles are designed to improve the governance of our association in support of NISA's ten year strategy; and that this strategy is the best way forward for ice skating in the UK.  We are fully committed to offering the best support through the process.


"We’ve learned from the outcome of the AGM on Saturday, and going forward the Board will be seeking feedback from members about their concerns, reservations and uncertainties about the changes our sport needs.


"It is therefore imperative that the changes, and the reasons for them, are explained clearly and concisely."


Initial feedback indicates to us that a number of members feel that they are unclear, or have concerns, about:


  • the affordability of the strategy;
  • the level of involvement of members, coaches and officials in the proposed technical advisory committees;
  • how the staff workforce will operate in collaboration with the committees; and/or
  • how the Board will meet its commitments to engage and communicate with the NISA members and participants.


Maggie added: "In order to gain a better understanding of our members' views, we will be inviting members - whether such members had their say at the recent AGM or not - to complete a survey, which will be issued shortly.


"This step will help us to understand much better how we can then offer the best support to NISA's membership throughout this important process.”


The results of the survey will assist the Board:

  • to provide information over the next three months to clarify those matters where members are unclear about how things are intended to work;
  • in particular to work out and publish more detail on the proposed technical advisory committees; and
  • to identify any necessary amendments to the currently proposed Articles of Association (provided that such amendments are consistent with the requirements of the 2016 Code for Sports Governance).


All Winter Olympic and Paralympic Sports are required to be compliant with the Government’s Code for Sports Governance by 31 December 2017, if those sports wish to remain eligible to receive public funding from UK Sport and Sport England.


To meet this deadline, an EGM will be called during the British Championships in Sheffield.


It is hoped that the process of engagement with the association's members, as outlined above, will allow NISA to achieve a set of Articles which the membership is then willing to support in order to move the sport forwards. 


Further information on progress will be provided through the NISA Newsletters over the coming months.