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Meet Tina, AKA ‘the Happy Aura’

Spritely volunteer Tina Noble has been given the nickname ‘The Happy Aura’ due to her bright smile and positive persona at events.


Tina is a 76-year-old volunteer from Lymm, Cheshire, who started skating for fun 40 years ago with a group of friends.


Tina became interested in ice dance, and eventually when she and her friends had children they began bringing them to enjoy the rink as well.


While Tina loved skating, a nasty fall unfortunately took her off the ice when her children were still small.


Cautious about risking her safety when she had a very young family to look after, Tina decided to hang up her skates and cheer them on from the side-lines.


Some years later, when Tina’s children had learned to skate, they attended a British Championship which was designed to look for young GB Short Track Skaters.


During this time Tina had already began volunteering for her local club in Altrincham for a number of years, helping with the general running and at ice dance events.


But the family was hooked on short track and Tina’s children have been predominantly speed skating ever since.


Tina loved the social side of volunteering, and soon began to get involved in short track as well as ice dance and figure skating.


Today Tina still helps at GB Short Track events and does a lot of work with NISA to support the running of figure skating and ice dance competitions.




Due to Tina’s consistent charisma and positivity at skating events, she’s earned herself the affectionate nickname of ‘The Happy Aura.’


She said “When I started I immediately took to ice dance – but I’ve never really done much figure skating. I’m not a jumper I’m afraid - jumping is not for me!


“I like helping people. When I had my children, I was very lucky because I was able to look after them full time.


“I already volunteered at a local school to help children with reading, and as a leader at my local church’s youth group while I was skating.


“For me, ice skating provided a chance to get stuck in and help with something I loved. I find it just as enjoyable being involved off the ice, these days.”


Despite a nasty fall, a cheerful Tina says her enthusiasm for the sport has never diminished. She added: "I’ve made so many friends through skating, there’s no way I could be without it.


“I like every aspect of skating but I especially like the fact that short track is a small and close-knit sport, it’s also very exciting.


“What I enjoy most about being a volunteer is seeing the children not only develop into talented skaters but also lovely young people. It’s a wonderful process to see and a privilege.


“I won’t pretend there haven’t been any sticky moments over the years… but you just gloss over those, don’t you (laughs).


“Volunteering is so important, and we really want to match people by their strengths to roles they enjoy.


“There’s so many different jobs to do as a volunteer, and I would say to anyone considering helping: go for it, we welcome everyone with open arms.”


Tina encourages anyone who wants to volunteer specifically with GB short track to contact her directly on this email address.


The National Ice Skating Association is supported by a fantastic network of volunteers, including the entire judging and officials team.


We can’t say a big enough "thank you" to all the volunteers who put time and effort into supporting ice skating.


We’re always looking to welcome more on board, if you’re interested in becoming a NISA volunteer please contact kirstie.robinson@iceskating.org.uk