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Ken Pendrey Honoured with ISU Gold Award of Merit

British ISU Short Track Referee, former NISA Chair and Interim CEO Mr Ken Pendrey has been recently awarded with the ISU Gold Award of Merit.

He joins a handful of other recipients who have been recognised with the award for their outstanding contribution to the sport of Ice Skating.

Ken was put forward for the honour during a recent meeting in Lausanne, where the ISU Council acknowledged the long-lasting and valuable services in favour of Short Track Speed Skating.

Ken was an ISU Short Track Referee for many years as well as the National Ice Skating Association Chair and also Interim CEO.

In a letter addressed to Ken the ISU stated: “The award reflects the countless hours you have devoted to the sport.

“On behalf of the ISU family, we thank you for your commitment to ISU sports and, in particular, Short Track, and extend our congratulations for this achievement”

The award will be presented to Ken during an ISU event in the coming season, with date and time details to be confirmed.

National Ice Skating Association Chair Maggie Worsfold said: “We wish to extend our sincere congratulations to Ken, who has truly made an outstanding contribution to not only our organisation but to the sport as a whole.

“We are delighted for Ken, who is a real example of the passion and commitment our great sport is built and thrives upon.

“We wish Ken the very best for the future and look forward to seeing him presented with the ISU Gold Award of Merit.”