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Junior Reading Skating Star Receives Prestigious Accolade

A young skater from Reading and medallist in this year’s British Solo Championships in July has been awarded a prestigious sporting accolade in her hometown of Woodley.

Emily-Lucine Phillips, 11 from Woodley in Reading, trains 15 hours a week at John Nike Leisure Sport Complex, Bracknell alongside her 11-year old dance partner, Jayin Panesar.  Her genuine dedication towards the sport lead to Emily becoming a finalist at this year’s Woodley Carnival Ambassadors.

Woodley Carnival Ambassadors is a brand new initiative launched by Woodley Carnival Committee as a way to reward young talented children, aged 8-16, in the local community. Emily’s Headmistress at Woodley Church of England Primary School recognised Emily’s passion for ice skating and nominated her for the “Sporting Award”.

Emily is coached by her ice skating parents, David Phillips and Lucine Chakmakjian, who said:

“Emily is a credit to NISA, us as her parents and most importantly to herself. She was one of a large group of nominees and made it through several rounds and into the final selection group of four children. The Woodley Carnival Ambassador accolade is another string to her bow, and a step in the right direction towards a successful future in the sport.”

Emily already has an impressive skating portfolio and recently received bronze in the British Solo Championships Primary Ladies Solo Dance category. Her tireless enthusiasm towards the sport means that Emily and her partner, Jayin, rehearse on the ice from 6am three times a week.

Stacey Bullock, coach co-ordinator for the pair, said:

“Emily is a very enthusiastic lady, and she shines both on and off the ice. I'm very proud of Emily's achievement and I'm sure she will continue to strive as she is very passionate about skating.”

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4th September 2015