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Hundreds Compete for National Glory at iceSheffield

Last week, 1st to 6th December, a total of 222 skaters descended on iceSheffield to compete at the British Figure Skating Championships.

The annual competition saw skaters from across the UK, aged between seven through to their 30s, compete for national glory. The competition witnesses an array of talent, from basic through to senior, and among those were British elite couple Chris Boyadji and Amani Fancy, and Olympians Nicholas Buckland and Penny Coomes.

High Performance Manager for NISA, Robin Cousins, said;

"The British Championships is a great chance for skaters of all ages to come together and show the country what they have to offer. For NISA it's an opportunity to identify talent and see our next generation of Olympians."

We would like to congratulate everyone who participated in this year’s competition, as well as all of our volunteers and staff that helped the event to run smoothly.

Congratulations to our winners;

Senior Dance – Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland

Senior Pairs – Amani Fancy and Christopher Boyadji

Senior Ladies – Danielle Harrison

Senior Men – Phillip Harris

Junior Dance – Gwenneth Sletten and Elliot Verburg

Junior Pairs – Chloe Curtin and Steven Adcock

Junior Ladies – Emily Hayward

Junior Men – Josh Brown

Advanced Novice Dance – Emily Rose Brown and James Hernandez

Advanced Novice Pairs – Lauren Lowry and Branden Marshall

Advanced Novice Ladies – Rebecca Gillespie

Advanced Novice Men – James Melville

Basic Novice Dance – Alice Gavin and Dominic Barter

Basic Novice Pairs – Danielle-May Van Den Bergh and Thomas Shaw

Basic Novice A Ladies – Christie Shannon

Basic Novice A Men – Connor Bray

Basic Novice B Ladies – Amy Morris

Basic Novice B Men – Daniel Weston

Results for the whole competition are available online here; icephoto.co.uk/British15.

Published 9th December 2015