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First Information Day in Sheffield Sunday 21st May


On Sunday the 21st of May, we hosted our first National Ice Skating Association Information Day in Sheffield.


The information days are designed to give members full understanding of changes to the Articles of Association, and what they mean for everyone in the sport.


Attending the day on behalf of NISA were Governance Consultant Simon Le Fevre, Lead Safeguarding Officer Michelle Draper and Governance Director Maggie Worsfold.


They were joined by 18 attendees, made up by members, coaches, volunteers and parents, all keen to learn more ahead of the Annual General Meeting in August 2017.


Maggie talked the group through the changes to the Articles of Association and how they affect the future of ice skating. Both Maggie and Michelle then addressed questions and encouraged discussion in the group.


Maggie said: “The first information day was extremely positive and generated great discussions and sharing of views. It’s really important that our members understand what is going on right now, and it’s great to know people are backing the future of ice skating in the UK.


“NISA is working through a time of massive change, and we want to make sure members have the full picture about why and what these changes mean.


“The AGM in August will be incredibly important for the National Ice Skating Association, and it’s every single member’s chance to have their say and help shape our future.


“We need to make sure people know they have a right to vote and why it is important - that’s what these information days are all about.”



We are hoping to see more faces at the next information day, which will be held in Edinburgh on 04/06/17 at Murrayfield.


If you want to attend please send an email to express your interest to kirstie.robinson@iceskating.org.uk. Be sure to include:


  1. Full Name

  2. Membership Number (or that of relevant family member)

  3. Any other relevant information


Below you can find testimonials from some of the attendees of the Information Day in Sheffield, 21/05/17:

Jo Gillmore, Chair of Deeside Ice Skating Club:

“I think that the day was very informative and that people should attend so that they are able to make an informed decision as to how to vote.


I don't think people fully understand the importance of getting these changes voted in.”



Cyril Yates, Senior Ice Dance and Synchro Referee and Judge:


“I considered the first NISA info day very interesting and the presenters did a great job.


The proposals to change the Articles were explained in great detail and it is imperative for these changes be voted in at the AGM - in order for NISA to move forward.


I feel in the past not a lot has been done by NISA to keep the membership informed and these info days and the new newsletter should really help to improve this situation.


I personally fully support the initiative and congratulations to Maggie Worsfold and the other presenters for a well-informed first info day.”


Gurgen Vardanjan, Director of skating at National Ice Centre:


“I want to stress to all coaches and NISA members how important it is to use your vote. Go to the meetings and listen, speak your opinions and contribute to British Figure Skating and its future.


Without these changes, we can’t move forward.”


Joy Sutcliffe, Head Coach at National Ice Centre:


“I found the day very interesting, it was great listening to all of the people who spoke up at the meeting.


I feel it's really important for all NISA members and coaches to attend these days, for the future of British Figure skating. They need to hear what could happen if the voting isn't done correctly.


I felt Maggie did a brilliant job and feel the coaches should get right behind her and support her - I will definitely be voting!”


Margaret O’Neil, Coach at IceSheffield:


“I found the day really informative. I have attended many meetings over the years regarding changes in NISA but this is the first time I believed we could, if we all vote, make a real change.


The majority of coaches are in this sport because they love it and want a positive change and most, like myself, often don't vote.


But I will be voting this time because I feel it will make a difference.”



Yebin Mok, Member and Guest Coach at IceSheffield:


“I want to thank Maggie and Michelle for coming up and holding this information event.


It is vital that NISA members and lovers of skating make their vote. This is a pivotal point where skating in UK has the opportunity to match up with the world again.


But with the current system it won't happen, and for those out there thinking their vote won’t matter could be risking the future of skating.


This is an opportunity to make progressive changes that will affect everyone, so take part and vote!”


Sandra Barker, National and International Ice Dance and Synchro Judge:


“It was an excellent meeting and extremely informative. The interaction between the attendees and NISA representatives was very refreshing.  


The discussions and presentations highlighted how important it is to vote for these proposed changes to ensure our beloved sport survives and moves forward.  


We have to demonstrate to the sporting authorities that we are a credible sport and can put our house in order and everyone must use their vote!


Your sport needs your vote to ensure our beloved sport goes forward into the 21st century and joins all the other successful British sports.”  


Tina Noble, Life member, Short track coordinator for officials and volunteers:


“After welcome and introductions Maggie opened the meeting and outlined the problems we are facing as an association and where NISA is at this moment.


All aspects and areas covered were very informative and all questions put from the floor were answered directly and fully.


Simon and Nick both gave a full outline of how important it is that we support the changes


The meeting was very relaxed and interesting and the future of our skaters is now in our hands.


If we, members of an association, care then using our vote is very important.”



John McKay, Singles Judge from IceSheffield:


“I found the meeting most informative.


I can see something of the future now, it is clear that NISA has a clear vision for development.


Thanks to NISA for organising an informative meeting.”