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Fantastic opportunity for adult skaters attending Oberstdorf Adult International and the British Adult Championships

NISA’s Development Director, David Hartley, is pleased to announce that ice has been made available at Ice Sheffield for all Adults competing at the Oberstdorf Adult International and the British Adult Championships.

This will provide the opportunity for competitors to have a pre-competition screening session with technical specialists who can offer advice and help with free programmes, pairs and pattern dances.

This is a good opportunity to have a competition simulation and receive some general feedback in a friendly environment with fellow skaters.

In order for this to take place, a minimum of 20 skaters are required.

Two dates have been made available as follows:

Saturday 9th May 2015  -   12pm until 4.15pm 
Sunday 10th May 2015   -   10.30am until 1.45pm

We are only able to utilise one of the above mentioned dates, so the chosen date of the screening will be determined by the amount of people who are able to attend each date.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all competitive Adult Skaters and it is only a small part of what is planned for Adult skaters in the future.

We are also happy to confirm that there is no cost to our adult skaters.

If Interested, please contact David Hartley at davidhsk8r@hotmail.co.uk  confirming which date suits you best and the standard you are currently competing at.