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Discover Rebecca Gillespie, with 10 weeks until the British Championships

As the countdown to the British Championships begins we will be speaking to some of this year’s hopefuls and one’s to watch.

First in the spotlight is Rebecca Gillespie who was recently ranked number one in Great Britain for her age group at IJS Sheffield in August. You may also be familiar with the 14-year-old from CBBC Ice Stars.

Name: Rebecca Gillespie
DOB: 12/03/2001
Home Rink: Nottingham, National Ice Centre
Choreographer: Jeranjak Ipakjan

How old were you when you first began ice skating? I was eight years old when I joined the Skate UK programme at the Lammas Leisure Centre. I moved to the National Ice Centre (NIC) when eight and a half so I could spend more time on the ice, but I still visit my original rink to help out with the younger skaters.

What encouraged you to step onto the ice? On a rainy day a friend and I went to a public ice skating session and I just fell in love with the sport. I also really enjoyed watching Dancing on Ice when it was on TV.

How many hours do you train on and off the ice? I am at the rink most days and train for 14 hours on ice and 6 hours off. I fly to Latvia for the Volvo Open Cup in November and then have the British Champs in December which I am really looking forward to.

What is your favourite thing to do when off the ice? When I’m not on the ice I like listening to music and going out with my friends. I also enjoy shopping, cooking and dancing.

Short Program (SP) music choice: I will be skating to My Sweet and Tender Beast. The music comes from the Russian film A Hunting Accident and was also used in Pride and Prejudice.

Free Program (FP) music choice: I will be skating to Hungarian Blue which comes from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. This program is a contrast from the SP and will give me the chance to demonstrate power and speed across the ice.

25th September 2015