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Discover Henry and Mia, with 13 days until the British Championships

Before moving to Coral Springs, Florida, brother and sister Henry and Emilia (Mia) spent a majority of their time at iceSheffield. They are very much looking forward to returning to their home turf this December for their third British Championships and hope to once again win Gold. Find out more about the pair below...

Henry and Mia Drury
DOB: 12/05/2000 and 11/02/2002 respectively
Twitter: Henry @HDrury42; Mia @2drurys

Coach(es): Sylvia Fontana and Jeremy Barrett
Home rink: iceSheffield and Panthers Ice Den

Short Program (SP) music choice for British Championships: Henry and Mia will skate to Reflections by Vanessa Mae. Mia especially liked the music and being a brother/sister team music choices can be incredibly difficult (as we really don't want to interpret a love story!). They liked the emotion, delicacy and sense of Asian calmness in the start of the piece and then the tempo change is great for the step sequence. This was choreographed by Lyndon Johnston and altered this year by Sylvia Fontana.

Free Program (FP) music choice for British Championships: This is a mix of two pieces of music by Michael W Smith; The Patriot and A Horn Piece from the track Heroes. Since they moved to America Henry and Mia have been so impressed by the respect and gratitude shown to all the servicemen so wanted to somehow show that in a performance. The tracks are not taken from a film score, they were written as part of a military tribute album and Henry and Mia loved the music as soon as they heard it. It has been choreographed by John Kerr (who is an expert at interpretation whilst skating with your sister), and the pair have decided to go with very subtle military style costumes. 

On the ice:
Who/what inspired you to step onto the ice and how old were you?
We met Alexander Zaitsev in Dubai when I was 10 and I said I didn't want to skate pairs with my sister! That’s when he told me that if she was being insufferable I could simply let go and send her sliding across the ice...

Mia: When passing a small ice rink in France I noticed someone spinning and I begged my Mum to let me try it and when she did I fell in love with being on the ice. I was only six years old.

How long have you been skating with your partner? We have been skating together for four years.

How many hours do you train a week?
I only skate five hours a week currently due to injury.

Mia: I skate for around 17 hours a week.

What do you consider your greatest achievement in ice skating? Winning the British Championships!

How many times have you competed in the Nationals? We have competed at the British Championships twice.

Do you have a skating hero you look up to?
I look up to all of my coaches.

Mia: Yulia Lipnitskaya; she is so young yet an amazing skater.

Off the ice:
Other than skating what do you like to do in your spare time?
I love motorsport and I’m also a programmer.

Mia: I love to do aerial silks and I always have my nose buried in a book.

One thing you can’t live without and why?
Technology! It’s something that’s implemented itself into my life through study and social media.

Mia: Books, because I love to escape reality for a moment (not that my life is bad!)

Favourite band/music?
 I can’t think of a specific band or artist, I tend to like tracks from all genres.

Mia: I like most pop music.

Favourite ?lm/TV programme?
I love Dexter!

Mia: My favourite film is Zombieland and favourite TV show is The Walking Dead. 

Fun fact:
I started driving this year and on my first day a woman drove into me.

Mia: I’m a mythology geek.

Coach comment: Sylvia Fontana and Jeremy Barrett said;
“They both have passion and the will to improve themselves. Mia makes a good skater because she has a great drive, but also keeps a positive attitude while training which makes her easy and enjoyable to teach.”

Published 18th November 2015