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Discover Anna Litvinenko, with 15 days until the British Championships

We are now two weeks away from the British Championships in December. To start this week our focus is on last year’s Junior National Runner Up, Anna Litvinenko.

Anna Victoria Litvinenko
DOB: 15/02/2001
Home Arena: Guildford Spectrum
Choreographer: Veronika Bogomolova

Short Program (SP) music choice for British Championships: I will be skating to the Leeloos Theme, composed by the Croatian musician Tonci Huljic who is famous for introducing elements of folk music into his repertoire. I particularly like this music as it is light, graceful and it really elevates the happiness I try to convey in my performance to the audience.

Free Program (FP) music choice for British Championships: I will be skating to Tango de los Exiliados, played on the violin by Vanessa Mae. I love this piece as there is a contrast in dynamics throughout so it allows me to show both passion and determination, plus elegance and sophistication in my presentation.

Who/what inspired you to step onto the ice and what age? When I was seven years old I received ice skates as a present and when I went skating with my friends I really enjoyed it. After that I started lessons and I've been skating since then.

How many hours do you train a week? I train around 18 hours a week.

What do you consider your greatest achievement in ice skating? I think one of my greatest achievements was getting into the GB Performance Squad, as my skating really started to kick off then. This season especially; it was a good skate at my first Junior Grand Prix in Colorado in September.

How many times have you competed in the Nationals? This year will be my fourth time. Last year was my first time competing in the Junior Ladies category and I came 2nd.

Do you have a skating hero you look up to? I have many favourite skaters however Yuna Kim stands out because she is so graceful on the ice; her jumps are superb and she has won many titles in figure skating.

Other than skating what do you like to do in your spare time? I like cooking or baking for my family and sometimes enjoy going shopping with my friends. 

One thing you can't live without and why? Oxygen?

Favourite band/music? I like many different musical styles but mostly I listen to classical or pop. 

Favourite film/TV programme? I don't particularly have a favourite program or film because it constantly changes. As a kid I always watched Friends and Strictly Come Dancing with my family, and I still like them a lot today.

Fun fact: It usually surprises people when I tell them that I skipped a year in school.

Coach comment: Veronika Bogomolova said: “Anna is a dedicated, consistent, hard-working skater. I believe she has all the required qualities for a great future in ice skating and successful performances at big events.”

Published 16th November 2015