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Discover Alice and Dominic, with 7 weeks until the British Championships

As the countdown to the British Championships continues, this week we put the spotlight on ice dance couple Alice Gavin and Dominic Barter.

Alice and Dominic have been skating together for just over one year and are already aiming high. The pair is really looking forward to their second British Championships in December.


Name: Alice Gavin and Dominic Barter

DOB: 22/08/2003; 23/10/2000

Facebook: Alice Gavin and Dominic Barter

Website: www.gavin-and-barter.com


Choreographer: Mark Hanretty

Home rink: iceSheffield


Free programme music choice for the British Championships: The music is a selection from Tom and Jerry Cartoon Classics by Scott Bradley and is taken from the soundtrack of the famous cartoon. We chose it as it is fun, quirky and mischievous which we felt reflects our personalities. The piece also includes distinct and contrasting musical genres which allow us to demonstrate a diverse range of skating styles.


On the ice:

Who/what inspired you to step onto the ice and how old were you?

Alice: I watched Dancing on Ice when I was five and loved it and began skating when I was six with the Skate UK programme. It’s amazing that Mark Hanretty, who is one of my coaches, was on the show!

Dominic: I first started skating lessons when I was eight years old and signed up to the Skate UK programme at iceSheffield. Before that I’d gone along to public sessions with friends and family and realised I love being on the ice because it felt like I was flying.


How many hours do you train a week?

Both: We train for 20 hours week; 14 hours on the ice and six hours off.

How many times have you competed in the British Championships?

Both: Last year was our first time competing in the British Championships as a couple. We’re hoping that it was the first of many championships both national and international.


What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?

Alice: I was really pleased with our result at the recent IJS Sheffield but perhaps the most special achievement was getting on the development team.

Dominic: Winning the British Solo Championships at Basic Novice after only doing dance for nine months is definitely top of my list!


Do you have a skating hero you look up to?

Alice: I would love to skate like Penny Coomes and Nick Buckland.

Dominic: I love the fun characterisation that Robin Cousins portrayed in his exhibition “Satan Takes a Holiday” at the 1985 World Challenge of Champions. I hope that we can entertain skating audiences just as much with our performances.


Off the ice:

Other than skating what do you like to do in your spare time?

Alice: I like playing my guitar and reading.

Dominic: Cooking, gaming and design give me the chance to relax from my busy training schedule and school life.


One thing you can’t live without and why?

Alice: My dog because she always cheers me up.

Dominic: Cheese and Wi-Fi!


Favourite band/music:

Alice: I love all sorts of music from songs in the charts to Frank Sinatra.

Dominic: I like everything from Classical to Ska but recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Electro-swing.


Favourite film/TV programme:

Alice: I love the Harry Potter series!

Dominic: Inception is a brilliant film, the unusual concept made me really think.


Gavin and Barter’s coach, Kathy Hanretty, said:

“The off-ice camaraderie that Alice and Dominic have really contributes to a great on-ice relationship. The fact that they are great friends shines through when they skate.”


Published 16th October 2015