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Competitive Test Applications Blackpool Opens, Bracknell Opens and Murrayfield Opens.

We are pleased to confirm that competitive test applications for the following competitions will now be accepted:


Blackpool Opens: up to level 6 Singles and Level 4 Dance


Bracknell Opens: Singles and Dance Levels 1-10


Murrayfield Opens: Singles and Dance Levels 1-10


Any Skaters wishing to use their scores for a competitive test pass should send the relevant paperwork and fee to the Test & Membership Coordinator at the NISA Office before the 5th of June 2015 which is the closing date for applications for the above events. (testmembership@iceskating.org.uk)


Please be aware that since the 1st June 2013 skaters are required to achieve both the TES and TSS scores for the test to pass. Therefore combined scores are no longer acceptable. The required scores are published on the NISA website and can be found here, and application forms can be found here


Skaters are reminded that competitive test passes will result in a higher Test Standard / equivalency and may require them to move up to a higher level of competition at future events.


Any skaters wishing to use their scores for ranking purposes should complete a National Rankings form and send the application to the Performance and Development Administrator, Alex Mckeown as soon as possible.


Alistair Wilson

Technical Director