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Competitive Test Announcement

We are pleased to confirm that competitive test applications from the British Solo Dance Championships (July 2015)


Skaters are able to apply for competitive tests but only based on the minimum test entry level.

Hence skaters in the various categories who have achieved the requisite scores may apply for the following competitive tests


Category Skated

Entry Level

Relevant Competitive Tests



Level 4

Level 5  CD & FD


Level 5

Level 6  CD & FD

Basic Novice

Level 6

Level 7  CD & FD

Advanced Novice

Level 7

Level 8 CD & FD


Level 8

Level 9 SD & FD


Level 9

Level 10 SD & FD


Any skaters wishing to use their scores for a competitive test pass should send the relevant paperwork and fee to the Test & Membership coordinator in the NISA office by 7th August 2015, which is the closing date for applications using scores from this event. You can email these to testmembership@iceskating.org.uk


Please be aware that as of the 1st June 2013 skaters are required to achieve both the TES score and the TSS score in order to pass. Therefore combined scores are no longer accepted.


The required scores were updated and published on the website 06-03-2015 and can be found here and application forms can be found here


Skaters are reminded that competitive test passes will result in a higher standard test equivalency which may require them to move up to a higher level at future Open events.


Any skaters wishing to use scores for the NISA ranking lists should complete a National rankings form and send to Alex Mckeown as soon as possible at Alex.Mckeown@iceskating.org.uk  


Alistair Wilson,

NISA Technical Director


6th July 2015