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Behind the scenes with CBBC Ice Stars’ Ella-George Cook and Adriano Rossi

Ella-George (11) and Adriano (13) have skated together since November 2014 and love every moment they are on the ice together. In another ‘behind the scenes Q&A’ we spoke with the Ice Dance pair following their appearance on CBBC Ice Stars to find out more...

Who/what inspired you to step on the ice and how old were you? 
Ella: I watched Dancing on Ice when I was four and fell in love with the sport, but had to wait until I turned five before I could begin the Skate UK programme at the National Ice Centre.

Adriano: When I was living in Italy my brother, Patrizio, used to attend ice skating lessons. I wanted to get involved too so went along to a session and loved it!

How did you find the Skate UK programme?
Ella: I completed the whole Skate UK programme with ease, with only a few tricky levels, and loved every minute. I was invited to join the National Ice Academy before I had even finished the programme and so attended academy sessions alongside Skate UK until I had completed each level.

Adriano: I was not involved in Skate UK as I was living in Italy.

Why did you choose ice dance over figure skating/speed skating etc? 
Ella: I joined the Ice Academy at the age of six as a Figure Skater, but didn’t join Ice Dance until I was nine. In between I skated with the Nottingham Juvenile Synchronised Skating Team and had the opportunity to compete nationally and internationally. I chose to focus on Ice Dance after a few knee injuries and have skated alongside Adriano since November 2014.

Adriano: When living in Italy I was involved in Ice Dance and loved it, but there were no girls to dance with. It was not until I came to the UK I met Ella and we have now been skating together for nearly a year.

What is your favourite thing to do when on the ice with your partner?
Ella: I really enjoy working on new lifts.

Adriano: Like Ella, I enjoy working on new lifts.

What was it like having cameras follow you around?
Ella: It was a little strange to begin with and very difficult to act normally around them but after a while I just got used to it.

Adriano: It was all really fun and I loved every minute of it because I have never been involved in something like this before.

What was your favourite part of CBBC Ice Stars?
Ella: I really enjoyed spending time with the camera crew who made it very enjoyable and fun. It was also really interesting to see how much time goes into putting a programme together and how much filming is required before all the editing, and then what actually goes out on the television.

Adriano: It was all really fun, but overall I enjoyed being involved in episode one.

What is your favourite thing to do when off the ice?
Ella: I love to spend time with my friends from school.

Adriano: I enjoy spending time with friends, and playing football.

What is your favourite subject at school?
Ella: My favourite subject is PE, but I really enjoy Maths too.

Adriano: Maths!

Ella-George and Adriano’s Ice Dance coach is Sophie Yates who has worked with the pair for almost one year. As they train for the Mary Groombridge Friendship Trophy and their first British Championships together, Sophie praised the pair telling us that they complement each other perfectly;

“I spend nine hours a week on the ice with Ella-George and Adriano and as a couple they train really hard. Adriano is the main driving force encouraging Ella to practice things over and over, and Ella is very intelligent which helps them to perfect their routines. They both have great personalities and I enjoy spending time with them both.”

21st September 2015