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Skate UK - Skate Tots (Optional preschool age programme)

This programme is focused on skaters under 5 years of age. This can be taught on a parent and toddler sessions before they are introduced to the regular Skate UK Programme.

Level 1
  • Sit and stand (off ice)
  • Walk forwards 10 steps in skates (off ice)
  • March on spot (on ice)
  • Little Man on spot (on ice)
Level 2
  • March forwards 10 steps on ice
  • Sit and stand on ice with help
  • March around on spot both directions
  • March forwards 10 steps and two foot glide
Level 3
  • March forwards and Little Man
  • March backwards 5 steps
  • Sit and stand on ice independently
  • March forwards and head, shoulders, knees and toes while gliding
Level 4
  • March forwards full width
  • March forwards half way, half turn (marching), march backwards to the end
  • March forwards 10 steps and 3 forward lemons
  • 2 Foot jump standing still (from Little Man position)