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Skate UK Star - Ice Dancing

  • Forward open Chasses/crossed (closed) Chasses continously on a circle (min 3) left and right
  • LFO closed Mowhawk, cross in front onto LBI. Step forwards to RFI (3 times) left and right
  • Forward progressive runs
  • Two consecutive LFO 3 turns followed by a sustained outside edges with free leg extended for a count of 3 (left and right)
  • Forward spiral inside and outside edges (either foot)
  • Forward progressive runs in a figure of 8
  • Backward open Chasses (3 on each foot) in a Serpentine sequence
  • Backward progressive runs in a figure of 8
  • A 7 step dance sequence as follows: RFI open Mowhawk, RBO run, RBO cross in front LBI, Step forwards RFI and repeat twice
  • Forward inside single Twizzles, left and right (min 4 in a row)
  • Forward run, forward clip Chasses (3 times) in a figure of 8
  • Basic backwards cross rolls
  • Solo novice Foxtrot with music
  • Forward inside double Twizzle (left and right)
  • A 9 step dance sequence