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2018 AGM Materials

Below you will find the notice of AGM including the agenda, proxy and postal forms for members and affiliates, draft minutes from the 2017 AGM and EGM and accounts for the NISA 2016-17 financial year.

Please note: There are separate forms and closing dates for postal and proxy voting. Both of which should be sent to Botham Accounting, the address of which is highlighted on the forms.

  • Postal voting - Closes 15th November @ Noon 
  • Proxy voting - Closes 22nd November @ 11AM

It should also be noted postal voting is the only way to vote for TAC and Board positions, it is not possible to vote for these in person at the AGM.

The proxy voting form is for other resolutions on the agenda. These can also be voted for in person at the AGM.

To vote on all resolutions on the agenda without attending the AGM, members and affiliates will therefore need to submit BOTH postal and proxy forms.


Notice of 2018 AGM (Including agenda)

AGM 2017 Draft Minutes

EGM 2017 Draft Minutes

Accounts for NISA Financial Year 2016-17

Proxy Voting Form - Affiliates

Proxy Voting Form - Members

Postal Ballot Form - Affiliates

Postal Ballot Form - Members

Names of Nominator and Seconder for each candidate

Candidate Statement Forms

Published 26/10/2018


NISA Annual Review 2017-18 (published 22/11/2018)