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Ice meets spice - the world premiere of 'Peacock Lake'

Billingham International Folklore Festival of World Dance has partnered up with Singh Dance Company to present a world premiere of ice skating, dance and music, Peacock Lake.


The show will be performed for the first time at Billingham Forum Ice Arena on the 19th and 20th of August 2017, and will showcase several talented members of the National Ice Skating Association. 


Among those performing are NISA members Zoe Jones, Chris Boyadji, Philip Harris and Lowri Jones.


Peacock Lake is a modern take of Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet Swan Lake, with a twist which reflects the diverse musical and choreographic traditions of East and West.


The show will be performed on ice to live music, featuring international stars of ice skating along with a global cast of dancers.


The performances will bring to a close the Billingham International Folklore Festival and its exhilarating week-long programme of international dance.


It was following last year's Festival that the idea to create a production combining dance and ice skating was born.


Olga Maloney, Artistic Director of Billingham International Folklore Festival, said:“The idea to create a production combining dance and ice skating came after our successful collaboration with Balbir Singh Dance Company during Billingham International Festival of World Dance in 2016, presenting Synchronised, a pool-based spectacular to a sell-out audience.


“Coming from an ice skating background and being very passionate about dance, it was always my dream to combine ice skating and dance in a spectacular show with live music.


“The international nature of our festival allows for the integration of world music and dance performances into the production, making it a truly unique multicultural event and creating an unforgettable experience for both our audience and all the participants.


“Peacock Lake is a glittering show that will dazzle and entertain audiences of all ages.”


With choreographer Balbir Singh's Punjab heritage and expertise in creating high profile performances combining dance and sport, it was a natural progression for the two artistic directors to start comparing folk traditions to find common ground on which to base their ideas.


Taking the ballet Swan Lake as a basis, but focusing on the peacock and its cultural significance rather than the swan, a contemporary piece has been created that weaves together the rich dance and musical heritage of two very diverse countries.


Balbir Singh, Artistic Director of BSDC, said: “As an artist, growth happens by working outside of one's comfort zone and by forming new collaborations with artists and disciplines.


“Having never worked on ice before, this production presents a creative challenge like no other, to make sense of and bring together dance from different cultures, ice skating, music and storytelling to create a holistic theatre experience for all the family. Nothing like this has been done before in the world."


Peacock Lake premieres at Billingham Forum Ice Arena at 7.30pm on Saturday, 19 August with a second performance at 4pm on Sunday, 20 August 2017.


Tickets can be purchased from the Billingham Forum Leisure Centre, telephone (01642) 551381, online at www.billinghamfestival.co.uk/store, or through the Festival box office, telephone (01642) 553220.