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International Competitions

Information, announcements and entry forms for international competitions can be found here.

François 1er Cup 2016 - Synchronized Skating Competition - Romorantin, France

Held in Romorantin, France - January 23rd 2016

Categories: Senior, Junior, Novice, Juvénile, Mixed Age & Adult

Final date of entry: December 20th 2015

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships, Zagreb, Croatia

Held in Zagreb, Croatia - March 10th - 12th 2016

Final date of entry: February 18th 2016

World Synchronized Skating Championship, Budapest, Hungary

Held in Budapest, Hungary - April 6th - 9th 2016

Final date of entry: March 16th 2016

International Synchronized Skating Mixed Age Trophy, Basel - Switzerland

Held in Basel, Switzerland - April 15th - 16th 2016

Categories - Mixed Age only

Final date of entry: February 1st 2016