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Kathryn Thomson

Kathryn Thomson

Date of Birth: 26/01/1996
Hometown: Kilmarnock

Kathryn moved to Nottingham in the summer of 2012 to become a full-time athlete with the GB squad. 

During her first year with the team she made huge steps forward, which saw her selected for the ladies relay team at the 2013 European Championships, as well as one of the World Cup Series competitions.

She also demonstrated her 500-metre prowess by winning a silver medal in the 2013 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival.

In the 2014/14 season Kathryn won Bronze for her overall competition win  and  claimed the Gold in 500m at the Alta Valtellina Tophy in Italy.

What is your favourite distance to skate and why? 500m because I love the start.
What element of speed skating do you enjoy the most? I enjoy competing the most.
What would you consider to be your greatest sporting achievement to date? Competing in a Star Class final.
What is your sporting ambition? To be a competitor at the Olympic Games.

Have you got any sporting family members? My sister's also skate.
Who is your sporting hero? Jessica Ennis
Life after skating: I would like to go to university to study physiotherapy or sports science.
Who is your biggest influence? My mum and dad.

Films/TV shows: Home and Away and the Big Bang Theory.
Band/Music: Ed Sheeran and Rihanna
Last book read: Dear John
Food: Strawberries
Hobbies: Shopping and going out with friends.


2012/2013 Season
European Youth Olympic Winter Festival – Silver medal in 500M, 5th place in the 1000M in Brasov, Romania
6th place – Ladies Relay – European Championships, Malmo, Sweden
11th place in Ladies Relay at World Cup, Dresden, Germany
Overall 2nd place at Star Class – JunB -  Dresden, Germany
1st place in 1000M at Star Class – JunB -  Dresden, Germany
3rd place in both 500M and 1500M at Star Class – JunB -  Dresden, Germany
Overall 7th place – Alta Valtellina, Bormio, Italy
5th place JunB 500M – Alta Valtellina, Bormio, Italy
9th place JunB 1000M – Alta Valtellina, Bormio, Italy
Overall 3rd place – Star Class, Albertville, France
1st place JunB 1000M – Star Class, Albertville, France
4th place JunB 500M – Star Class, Albertville, France
6th place JunB 1500M – Star Class, Albertville, France

2011/2012 Season
10th place Star Class Italy
16th place Alta Valtellina Cup
3rd place Star Class Belgium

2010/2011 Season
5th place Junior British Open - Junior C 
11th place Star Class Netherlands - Junior C
2nd place British Championships - Junior C

2009/2010 Season
2nd place British Championships