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Jennifer Pickering

Date of Birth: 22/02/1997
Hometown: Nottingham

Jon EleyJennifer is one of the junior members of the GB short track squad.

In the 2015 British Short Track Championships, Jennifer was crowned National Junior Ladies Champion after winning the 500m and 1000m races.

Pickering has done well internationally, bringing home a Bronze medal from the Star Class in Belgium.

What is your favourite distance to skate and why? Definitely longer distances - 1500M, 1000M - as the races can become quite exciting and unpredictable nearing the end
What would you consider to be your greatest sporting achievement to date? Second Star Class, Friesland Cup - breaking 1000M and Joining National team
What is your sporting ambition? Olympic medal and to skate in a ladies relay team at the Olympic games

Who is your sporting hero? Shane Byrne
Life after: skating University in London
Who is your biggest influence? My GB team mates.

Films/TV shows: Friends, The Notebook, Rocky, Lord of the Rings
Band/music: Passenger
Food: Sushi
Hobbies: Art, painting, drawing
Place to race: Oberstdorf, Germany
Last book read: Valentino Rossi Autobiography "What if I had never tried it"