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Billy Simms

Date of Birth: 21/07/93

Hometown: Solihull

Twitter: @Billy_Boy150

Billy has been skating since the age of eight and qualified to train with the GB Squad in 2010.

His skating skills have taken him to the Junior World Championships for the past three seasons, and last season he finished 3rd overall at the Star Class Cup Final in Italy.

Last season, he was also selected to compete at his first ISU World Cup event in Montreal, where he finished 31st in the 500m.

In 2014/15 season Billy has had a flying start helping the Men’s relay team to claim Bronze at the World Cup in Canada.

He is very much looking forward to the opportunities the programme offers to further develop his racing technique, world class fitness and all round race craft.



How did you get into it skating? There were some posters up in my junior school advertising it, so I thought I’d give it a go and I haven’t stopped since!
What is your favourite distance to skate and why? 1000m because it’s tactical and fast and gives you time to think about your next move.
What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date? Coming 5th in the Junior World relay.
What was your highlight of 2011-2012? Racing in three continents in three weeks!
What are your sporting ambitions? To compete in the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympic Games.
What is your favourite skating memory? Making the Junior Worlds team to compete and watch the best of the best.
Tip for the top: Never give up on anything you do. Always give 100% even if failure is an outcome.
How would you like to be remembered: Olympic gold medallist and all round good guy.



Who inspired you most at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games? At the Olympic Jessica Ennis because of how the coped with the pressure of being the face of the Games. And at the Paralympics, every individual was an inspiration to all.
Do you do any sports outside of skating? No. No time for anything else!
Who is your sporting hero? Sir Chris Hoy
Life after skating: I’d like to work within the sporting community – perhaps coaching or development...helping others to succeed.
Studies: I’m doing a National Diploma in Sport Performance.
One thing you can’t live without: My phone!



Place to race: In the UK, because my family gets to see me race and show support.
Films/TV shows: Hollyoaks
Band/Music: Anything and everything
Last book read: The Chimp Paradox
Food: Steak, pizza
Hobbies: FIFA


International Results 

2013/2014 Season
5th in Star Class 1500M in Bolzano - 7th overall
8th in Star Class 500M in Hasselt - 9th overall
Gold overall in Star Class in Malmo - 500M Gold and 1000M Gold
5th overall British Short Track Championships

2012/2013 Season

31st place in 500m at World Cup in Montreal
Overall 6th place - 5th place in 1500m, 8th place in 500m in Star Class (JunA) in Dresden
Overall 5th place - 4th place JunA 500m, 4th place JunA 1000m, 4th place JunA 1500m – Alta Valtellina, Bormio, Italy
Overall 3rd place - 2nd place in JunA 1500m, 3rd place in JunA 500m and 9th place in JunA 1000m – Star Class – Hasselt, Belgium
Overall 3rd place - 1st place in JunA/Star Class 500m, 4th place in JunA/StarClass 1500m and 5thplace in JunA/StarClass 1000m -  Star Class, Albertville, France
11th place in the Men’s Relay at the Junior World Championships, Warsaw, Poland
Overall 3rd place - 2nd place JunA 1000m, 4th place JunA 500m and 11th place JunA 1500m – Star Class Finals – Balsega, Italy3rd place Mens Relay – Star Class Finals – Balsega, Italy

2011/2012 Season
4th place Star Class Bormio overall classification
2nd place Star Class Bormio 1000m
3rd place Star Class Bormio 500m
4th place Star Class Grenoble overall classification
3rd place Star Class Grenoble 500m
7th place Star Class Hasselt overall classification
1st place Junior British Open
1st place British Championships- Junior
24th Junior World Championships
6th Junior Europa Cup Final overall classification
3rd place Junior Europa Cup Final 1000m

2010/2011 Season
5th place Junior World Championships Relay
10th place Junior Europa Cup Final 1500m Junior B Category
12th place Europa Cup Final 500m Junior B Category
4th place Star Class 1000m Junior B Category (Italy)
4th place Star Class 500m Junior B Category (Denmark)
5th place Star Class 1500m Junior B Category (Denmark)
3rd place Alta Valtellina Trophy 1000m Junior B Category
5th place Alta Valtellina Trophy 1500m Junior B Category
10th place Alta Valtellina Trophy 500m Junior B Category
5th place Alta Valtellina Trophy 1500m Super Final Junior B Category

2009/2010 Season

Bronze Medal Junior British Open 500m Jun A/B category
5th place Junior British Open 1000m Jun A/B category
Bronze Medal European Star Class competition Jun B category