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British Records

British records are maintained for Junior and Senior age categories over the standard distances. Details of the current records and how to claim a new record are to be found on the records page by following the link. The Junior categories includes all skaters up to and including Junior A. The Senior category includes all ages. There are no official records for Masters or any sub-categories (e.g. Jun B, Neo-Senior…).

Current British Records

Men/ Overall
500m  36.43 Philip Brojaka   Salt Lake City – USA 21.03.09
1000m 1.10.78  Philip Brojaka  Salt Lake City – USA 20.03.09
1500m  1.49.66  Philip Brojaka O. Oval – Salt Lake City – USA 15.03.08
3000m 4.07.02  Philip Brojaka  Kearns – Salt Lake City – USA 16.03.07
5000m 6.51.18 Philip Brojaka  Salt Lake City – USA 22.03.09
10000m 14.59.53 Julian Green Calgary – Canada 21.02.88
Ladies/ Overall
500m 46.20 Amanda Worth Heerenveen – Netherlands 18.11.79
1000m 1.31.85  Kim Ferran Madonna Di Campiglio – Italy
1500m  2.21.86 Amanda Worth Inzell 29.12.80
3000m 4.54.74 Kim Ferran Inzell 06.01.79


Boys/ Junior
Junior C Men

500m 40.11 Samuel Philip Airey Thialf, Heerenveen, Netherlands 07.03.14
1000m 01.21.04 Samuel Philip Airey Thialf, Heerenveen, Netherlands 07.03.14
1500m  02.03.93 Samuel Philip Airey Inzell, Germany 02.11.14


Girls/ Junior

500m 44.91 Ellia Smeding Inzell, Germany 02.11.14


Claiming a Record

For a full set of details on how to claim a record please download and read the attached document.
In summary:

  • you must be a member of NISA and the time must have been set in a NISA approved race
  • you must be a British passport holder
  • you must provide evidence of the correctness of the time and your eligibility within 1 month of the time being set