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Get into Long Track

Long track speed skating is a lesser known sport in the UK, but it hasn't always been so. Historically, the UK had a prominent role in the sport and helped to shape it into the Olympic sport it is today (See The History of Long Track). The UK deserves to return back to the top echelons of long track speed skating and NISA is working hard to make this happen.

Long Track Speed Skating is an excellent cross over sport fitting well with many key UK sporting competences (cycling, short track speed skating, In-line skating, gymnastics and rowing) – many athletes from these have the potential to cross over to long track and succeed on an international level. Further, Long Track Speed skating is an excellent multi-facetted recreational and social sport suitable for all ages and abilities and can fit well alongside participation in other sports.

As part of the promotion of awareness the sport, NISA is intending to organise a series of demonstrations, trials and clinics aimed at introducing people to the high speed and exciting world of Long track speed skating.


Talent Spotting Weekend for UK Long Track 2018