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Currently NISA is working hard to put together a competition schedule for UK Long Track skaters starting in season 2014/15. This will cover both single distance Long Track events and mass start events. The competition diary will be published before the end of September 2014.
All competitions are based in the Netherlands for the coming years and will be held in Thialf (Heerenveen), Haarlem and De Uithof (Den Haag). Competitions are open to all NISA Long Track members. Any competitors who do not have regular access to a 400m track will be required to be present 1 day prior to the race day in order to be able to spend time to get used to the track. It is expected that there will be a charge of around 15GBP per competition. UK Long Track will aim to ensure that an experienced trainer/coach is available for all NISA members during such competitions.
The competition schedule will include a of 'training' competitions – where you are competing mainly in order to improve your personal best time and refine your race technique – and a National Championships.

Announcement of Open Competition

The 14th Ezio Benini memorial competition in Trento has been announced for 21st and 22nd Dec 2013. All categories (Jun D, C, B, A, Senior and Masters) are present. Distances are two times 500m and 1000m. It is 20Euros per competitor to enter and all entrants must be a member of a club affiliated to the national association for that country (NISA for UK clubs). Anyone interested please get in touch via info@uklongtrack.org for details.
14th Benini Ravanelli Memorial

Natural Ice Long Distance Event

The alternative 11 city tour (elfstedentocht) is held every year on the Weissensee in Austria and is organised by a Dutch company. A Dutch ice skating club who go there en-masse every year have offered to help a limited number of NISA members who are interested to take part to enrol, get accommodation and generally be introduced to the event. The event is skated on a frozen lake with laps typically being between 5 and 25km long. Races are held over 100km, 150km and 200km. There are four public races each year over a two week period at the end of January. Anyone interested in competing in 2014 with this group must sign up before the end of October. The Dutch group will participate in one of the events, but will be there a total of 3 days to allow practice.

Anyone interested please ask for more information via info@uklongtrack.org

For more information (in Dutch) visit: www.weissensee.nl